• 99 Relationship Memes Which Are So Humorous You May Very Well Injure Your Self Laughing

    Admit it, girls—It feels so good to know your man can deal with your crazies. I’m actually disappointing in everybody else opinions. I was crying final evening and this text actually cheered up, lacking my bf. I’m sad that the other a hundred are gone, i was planning on sending him one on a daily

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  • 65 Funny Dating Memes For Him And Her That Are Simply Too Cute

    I really do inform my dad and mom about my pals’ love lives. Funny relationship memes for him and her I’ve obtained 99 memes, but a white guy blinking ain’t one. This hilarious meme flows neatly into a really sage tweet from Yoko Ono — however don’t clown for too long. If you want to

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